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    the live, laugh


    Where do I start with one of my best friends in the industry? Do I start with his ability to navigate any situation with a level of audacity that most people could never pull off? Or what about the fact that he’s a pocket rocket with as much strength as four oxen? I mean, he can slam a revolving door for crying out loud. Or… what about the fact that he gave Mona Lisa her smile? No one seems to be talking about THAT little

    There is a chapter in Behind Gym Doors where I detail one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me alongside a high-profile Russian client and his group of friends. It involved a lot of cigars, a well-trained bicep, a very intimidating sofa, and a beautiful Russian doll who loved strawberries. For the record - I hate Russian dolls…they’re so full of themselves. Aaaaanyway, was the situation weird. Yes. Was it dangerous? Definitely. Why? It was back around the time of 2010-2014 that I

    I run (at the time of writing) the most exclusive personal training facility in what is arguably one of the fitness capitals of the world. But what does exclusive look like? Well, coming onto my books you get access to my nutritionists, my Olympic therapists, private chefs, private doctors, meal services and private hormone clinics. Clients do not share my gym space with any other trainer, any other client, or any other gymrat on a 24-hour membership scheme. I do not rent my space out to

    It was in 2018 when I was sitting in the hot Spanish sun reading a book that I had picked up off the bookshelf of the posh villa I was staying in. It was Adam Kay’s This Is Going To Hurt, a book that I saw at the airport and thought ‘Well this is one to swerve’. I was bored accumulating wrinkles in the sun so I gave it an hour to see if I could muster the energy to finish a chapter, let

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